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Water Conservation Program

4520 66th St. W. Bradenton, FL 34210

(941) 792-8811, ext. 5327

Manatee County Utilities Toilet Rebate Application


Only toilet(s) manufactured prior to 1995 are eligible for a rebate (date can be found on the bottom of the lid of the toilet tank). Rebate available for Manatee County Utilities water customers only.

Residents whose primary water bills are paid directly to the City of Bradenton, City of Palmetto, Town of Longboat Key or Sarasota County are NOT eligible for a rebate.

Verify Eligibility

I do herby certify that I am the Building Owner and/or Authorized Agent for the above listed property where water service is provided.

I receive water from Manatee County Utilities Department through an individual meter or I live in a master metered community.

I replaced my old toilet(s) with new EPA WaterSense labeled toilet(s) that uses 1.28 gallons or less per flush.

I have the old lid(s) and tank(s) for physical verification.

I understand that rebate amount will not to exceed $100 per toilet and only up to 2 toilets can be rebated total per household.

I understand Manatee County reserves the right to withhold a rebate for failure to provide required documents.

Applicant Information (installation address)

Full Name

Full Address

Is this a master metered account?

Building Information

Verification Contact Information

Same as contact above?

Full Name

Rebate Check Payable Information

Same name and address as above?

Full Name

Full Address

Old Toilet(s) Information

New Toilet(s) Information

Number of Units Installed


Required documents can be uploaded below or emailed to

If you email, please make sure to include name, installation address, phone number in the email

  • Copy of Purchase Receipt
  • Copy of Water Bill (if not a master metered account)
  • Photographs (if possible, include all listed below; on-site verification may be required)
    • Old toilet prior to replacement
    • Old toilet tank lid or toilet tank showing the year/volume
    • New toilet after installation
    • EPA WaterSense label on the new toilet


Copy of Purchase Receipt

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Copy of Water Bill

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Photos (include all of the following if possible: Old toilet prior to replacement, Old toilet tank lid or toilet tank showing the year/volume, New toilet after installation, EPA WaterSense label on the new toilet)

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Upload File(s)

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