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Water Conservation Program

4520 66th St. W. Bradenton, FL 34210

(941) 792-8811, ext. 5327

Outdoor Rebate Eligibility Application


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Only the property owner is authorized to submit this form.

Is there a backflow preventer installed at your property?

Backflow preventer is required for properties with an in-ground irrigation system per Article X of Chapter 2-31 Manatee County Code of Ordinances.

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Property eligibility determined by:

  • Average water consumption exceeding 8,500 gallons per month for the 2-year period immediately preceding the application date.
  • Backflow prevention assembly registered and in compliance with County regulations. 
  • Ability to complete evaluations and workshop(s) if required and installations/repairs within 365 days from date of this application's approval. 
  • Only one rebate per type may be received per property and shall not exceed $2,500 per property or a combined amount of $3,500 if an irrigation well is included.

Application will be processed within 30 days of submission